Data West – Open Science, Open Data: New Public-Private Partnerships for a (Better) 21st Century

Wednesday, December 8, 2021 - Friday, December 10, 2021

This event will be held remotely.

“Open Science” refers to the transformation science is undergoing due to globalization, economics and ICT—just like other sectors in our society. A well-known example, the Human Genome Project, helped researchers to decode the human genome in less than 15 years. While ICT is critical to enabling open science, open science is more than technology-driven change. It needs open data to succeed. Opening up data speeds up research by facilitating re-use and enriching the production of research data. Open data helps to detect inaccuracies and enables replication. In doing so it increases the output from the same investment and thus the scope for discovery.

Of course open science and open data are not without their respective challenges. Among them the reward and incentive systems for researchers, and the economics of “open”. In essence, who pays? This December Data West will address the prediction and realities of open science and open data. Are open science and open data “bound to happen”? Or promising ideas that will be very slow – decades - to take form.


​​DAY ONE: Wednesday, December 8

  • The Demand for Open Science
  • The Enabler of Open Data
  • Is Open Privacy Preserving?
  • Who Pays for Open?

DAY TWO: Thursday, December 9

  • Open Innovation Platforms
  • ICT, AI Ethics
  • Live Case Studies, Workshops
  • Business, Technology Tracks

DAY THREE: Friday, December 10

  • New Definitions of Infrastructure
  • Technology Enablers and Inhibitors
  • Pathways to Digitalization
  • To Join Or Not to Join?