Gateways 2022 - Learn, Engage, Empower

Tuesday, October 18, 2022 - Thursday, October 20, 2022

Location: San Diego, CA

Gateways 2022 will take place from October 18-20, 2022 in San Diego at the Venue 808 in Downtown.

About the Conference Series
This gathering for gateway creators and enthusiasts typically features hands-on tutorials, demos, keynotes, presentations, panels, posters, and plenty of opportunities to connect with colleagues. In 2020, we moved the conference online, which is where we remained for 2021. With the success of our online meetings, we've decided to offer two versions of the conference in 2022: one "mini" version online in the spring, and a "full" in-person version in the fall.

We invite you to join us! Gateway developers and users—regardless of their domain area—have a lot in common but have had few venues for exchanging experiences. The Gateways annual conference is an opportunity for gateway creators and enthusiasts to learn, share, connect, and shape the future of gateways as part of a vibrant community with common interests.

Science gateways allow academic research or education communities to access shared data, software, computing services, instruments, educational materials, and other resources specific to their disciplines. They are typically a web portal or a suite of desktop applications.

The conference offers diverse options for interaction, a place to share your work, and opportunities to learn, engage and empower. This includes:

  • Tutorial sessions to gain in-depth expertise on specific topics
  • Presentations, demos, panels and posters on topics including the design, use, impact, development process, sustainability, or best practices of gateways
  • Open Forum as interactive sessions to discuss and brainstorm ideas, concepts and visions around gateways
  • Opportunities to grow professional networks by meeting people in the community who are users, developers, or providers of gateways

Learn more about the program here.

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