• Materials Science Researchers Double Up on SDSC, PSC Supercomputers to Discover New Details about TMDsSupercomputer simulations provide a better understanding of certain two-dimensional layered materials showing promise for a variety of applications – from flexible electronics and spintronics to optoelectronics and memory devices.Learn More
  • Machine Learning Offers New Insights for Improved Body Armor ApplicationsSupercomputer simulations examine atomic level stress on boron carbide – a ceramic often used in body armor. Learn More
  • Shaking Up Earthquake Studies by Increasing Access to Data, Tools and Research ResultsEarthquake rupture forecast studies provide information about the probabilities of when earthquakes will occur, where they’ll take place and how strong they'll be, but the tools aren't available to most. That's about to change. Learn More
  • Department of Energy Project at UC Riverside Uses SDSC Resources for DNA FindingsUnderstanding electron mobility within DNA could form the building blocks of next-generation biologically-based electronics.Learn More
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