• UC San Diego among 16 U.S. Teams Selected to Accelerate 5G SolutionsThe National Science Foundation is accelerating 5G solutions to assist the U.S. government and critical infrastructure operators with secure, anywhere-anytime communications.Learn More
  • UC San Diego oneAPI Center of Excellence to Bring High-performance Simulations to AmberMolecular dynamics simulations to be enabled via oneAPI in software package used by thousands of scientists for computational drug discovery and related research.Learn More
  • Expanse Supercomputer Used in Study of Magnetism in Near Half-MetalStrontium ruthenate’s one-direction electron spin could provide the “juice” for low-power electronic devices.Learn More
  • New NSF Center of Excellence in Cyberinfrastructure AnnouncedWith a goal of broadening impact through science gateways, SGX3, a new NSF Center of Excellence in cyberinfrastructure, aims to help the community of users address challenges around spanning architecture, workforce skills and stability, sustainability and planning for the future.Learn More
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