• Internet Security Doesn’t Measure Up; a Team of Experts Is Working to Change ThisThe Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis, the University of Oregon’s Network Startup Resource Center and MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have been awarded more than $11M for projects aimed at improving internet infrastructure security. Learn More
  • Threading the Needle for Data-Driven Science and Data AccessSDSC is helping build the critical technology needed to sew-up the national computational infrastructure and to draw talent from a diversity of Americans to the data-driven sciences. Learn More
  • San Diego Supercomputer Center’s Comet Helps with Geomagnetic Storm ResearchResearchers use satellite data and supercomputer simulations to better understand and forecast geomagnetic storms that can impact satellite and ground-based telecommunications systems. Learn More
  • Physics, Computation Experts Help Earn $15M to Advance AI, Data AnalysisThe combination of artificial intelligence and new processor types is leading to a revolution in the analysis of massive data sets for scientific researchLearn More
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