• Scientists Use SDSC’s Expanse to Advance Green ChemistryComputational chemists reduce or eliminate hazardous materials by running simulations to develop fast, accurate models. MIT researchers use SDSC's supercomputer to explore the luminescent properties of iridium-centered phosphors.Learn More
  • Computer-generated Models Mimic Human Recognition at Supersonic SpeedHuman cells are often a mixture of both abnormal and normal DNA – a mosaic, so to speak, and like the art form, this complex montage is difficult to understand. Neuroscience researchers are training computers to unveil new methods for DNA mosaic recognition.Learn More
  • NSF-funded CORE Institute Launched at San Diego Supercomputer CenterThe newly launched CORE Institute is designed to catalyze a network of researchers and practitioners committed to creating impact through convergence research, which focuses on solving complex problems in engineering, science and society.Learn More
  • NeuroElectroMagnetic Data Archive and Tools Resource Described for First Time in JournalNeuroscientists worked with cyberinfrastructure developers to create a forum for sharing, mining, analyzing, visualizing and archiving NeuroElectroMagnetic imaging data from several sources.Learn More
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