• Catch a Glimpse of the April 8 Solar Eclipse a Little Early via Supercomputer SimsThese continuously updated computer models predict the conditions of the solar corona, and can help scientists better understand the interconnected physics linking the solar surface to the inner heliosphere.Learn More
  • San Diego Supercomputer Center and San Diego State Receive CENIC Award for Supporting Equitable CIThe TIDE Project, which is interconnected and accessed via the CENIC network, provides greater access to high-performance computing resources for CSU researchers and their students.Learn More
  • Expanse Simulations Illustrate Combo-Antibiotic Plans for TB TreatmentsResearchers configure appropriate treatments using computational modeling for tuberculosis patients, which is a cheaper and faster alternative to traditional approaches.Learn More
  • Using AI and Data Science to ReNOURISH Food DesertsMillions of Americans live in food deserts where ultraprocessed foods are abundant and fresh food is scarce, giving rise to large health disparities in diabetes and related diseases. The NOURISH platform is designed to help small businesses increase access to healthy, sustainable food. Learn More
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