K-12 Programs

SDSC leverages its expertise and innovation to inspire the next generation of scientists, technologists, and engineers, and to empower the educators who guide them. The K-12 outreach program broadly advances STEM participation through hands-on workshops, internships, and academic mentorship opportunities.


Mentor Assistance Program

The MAP Program pairs high school students in a mentoring relationship with experts from a vast array of disciplines across campus allowing students to take first steps towared a potential career path while building foundations for academic success.

Pi Wars

Pi Wars is an international, challenge-based robotics competition in which teams build Raspberry Pi-controlled robots and then compete in non-destructive autonomous and remote-controlled challenges.

Research Experience for High School Students

REHS is a summer hub for high school students who are interested in receiving firsthand experience as they consider pursuing a career in the area of computational science.

Student Tech

The SDSC StudentTECH program offers year-round science, technology, and programming workshops for students in grades 4-12.


Teacher Tech

The SDSC TeacherTECH program supports K-12 STEM curriculum and professional development workshops.