Upcoming Events

  • Nov-Dec30-42020

    2020 Gateway Focus Week - Applications Now Open!

    This next 5-day Gateway Focus Week workshop provides another opportunity for participants to learn how to create a sustainability plan for their software or website project. Visit the Science Gateways Community Institute’s site to stay updated on event location and further details.

    Location: La Jolla, CA and remote

  • Dec102020

    Expanse Webinar: Running Jupyter Notebooks on Expanse

    In this webinar, we will present SDSC’s multitiered approach to running notebooks more securely: hosting Jupyter services on Expanse using SSH Tunneling or using the SDSC Jupyter Reverse Proxy Service (JRPS), which connects the user over an HTTPS connection. The JRPS will launch a batch script that creates a securely hosted HTTPS access point for the user, resulting in a safer, more secure notebook environment.

    This event will be held remotely.

  • Dec15-172020

    Data West - Innovating Through Crisis: How Are Macro Events Changing Business, and What Can Business Do About Them?

    This December DataWest will address the prediction and practical realities of macro-events facing all businesses today. What are the events confronting business? Were they “bound to happen?” What can business and government do to prepare? Will big data, AI/ML, and prediction science increase our odds of seeing ahead?

    This event will be held remotely.