Research Data Services 

SDSC hosts the first GO (Global Open) FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) Office in the nation, as part of its role in the US National Data Service (NDS). The SDSC GO FAIR Office offers a new suite of FAIR data consulting including FAIR data stewardship plans, FAIR data endpoint hosting, and FAIRification of processes. FAIRification ensures that data is born FAIR and is able to be utilized by machine learning and AI technologies. Read more in the SDSC press release.

Upcoming Training & Events

Announcing the COVID-19 Data Challenge: Navigating Life and Work in Border Communities.

Communities along the U.S.-Mexico border have been hard hit by COVID-19. While researchers race to develop a vaccine, life and work must continue. How can we use data to confidently and transparently decide what is sage? And how can we better understand risk levels in real-time and effectively communicate them to the public? This data challenge is organized by the Border Solutions Alliance and the West Big Data Innovation Hub.

The kickoff was August 27th and the recorded session is available here.Thank you to all of the teams who submitted project info sheets! Good luck to each of you, and remember that the Project Submission deadline is Sunday September 27th, 2020 at 10:00 PM (PDT).

Past Training & Events

At the end of February 2020, the US GO FAIR office organized a professional development FAIR workshop at Georgia Tech University in collaboration with our host, the South Big Data Innovation Hub, and SDSC. There, participants learned about experiences in FAIRification and FAIR Data Stewardship training; pedagogy for research data management; and spent time discussing and planning for building personal, local, and national capacities.
  • A report from the workshop will be made available in the coming months.

Thank you for those that joined us for the April 2020 Virus Outbreak Data Network (VODAN) series where participants and presenters explored the intersection of COVID-19 and related topics from building training capacities of data stewards in Africa, to Fair Data Points (FDP), and various approaches and resources available for mining heterogeneous datasets.VODAN is a GO FAIR implementation network setup to help fight COVID-19, and set foundations for future virus-based health crises.

Slides are linked per session below. Recordings are available on the SDSC YouTube channel.

  1. "An Introduction to the Virus Outbreak Data Network (VODAN) and Related Developments with EURETOS"
    • Presented by Barend Mons, President of CODATA and Founder of GO FAIR.
    • Barend's presentation for VODAN-IN FAIR Data Points as a service for data-driven disease outbreak tracking and research is also available.
  2. "VODAN-Africa / Training of Trainers (ToT)"
    • Presented by Professor Mirjam van Reisen, Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science, Leiden University.
  3. Two-part session. "Enabling the Collection and Exploration of COVID-19 Data via FAIR Principles"
    1. "VODAN: FAIR Data Work in Action"
      • Presented by Albert Mons (Phortos Consultants) and Luiz Bonino (GO FAIR).
      • World Health Organization eCRF forms.
    2. "The SARS-Cov-2-SPOKE Molecular Explorer: A Public Knowledge Graph Visualization Tool"
      • Presented by Sergio Baranzini and Sharat Israni (University of California, San Francisco).
  4. Three-part session. "Fighting COVID-19 by Mining Insights from Heterogeneous Datasets"
    1. "COVID19-net"
      • Presented by Peter Rose and Ilya Zaslavsky (SDSC, University of California, San Diego).
    2. "From Data to Knowledge"
      • Presented by Iris Shen, Principal Data Scientist (Microsoft Academic Team, Microsoft).
    3. "Distant Reading for Quick Insights"
      • Presented by Natalie Meyers, E-Research Librarian (Navari Center for Digital Scholarship, Hesburgh Library) and Eric Morgan (Hesburgh Library, Notre Dame).



  • FAIR data stewardship plans - we can create plans to ensure your data is born FAIR, customized for new proposals or to redesign current processes.
  • FAIR data endpoints - share your research data to comply with agency requirements and enable others to find your data.
  • FAIR data consulting - consult with FAIR data experts about all FAIR data aspects.

Analysis Platforms

  • Custom, cloud-based workbench functionality for your research project or lab.
  • Implementation and deployment of open source tools, such as JupyterHub.
  • Customized analysis pipelines, including social media analytics and ingestion using SDSC’s AWESOME. Work with SDSC data scientists and research computing staff to create a platform that fits your research needs.