For Industry & Sponsors

From its origins as a private company to its long history of designing and operating some of the most advanced supercomputers for researchers nationwide, applied R&D is in SDSC’s DNA. SDSC’s researchers and staff specialize in solving challenging scientific and technical problems for others – industry included.  Collaborating with industry provides the opportunity for exchanging the latest advances between the scientific community and commercial enterprise, creating vital connections between academia and the “innovation economy.” SDSC has established a wide range of programs for establishing industrial collaborations including directed research, use of our high-performance computing systems, consulting and technical support, and focused centers of excellence in areas such as big data management and predictive analytics that are increasingly important to companies. We encourage you to explore these pages for more information on our programs and to contact us directly to inquire about potential collaborations, large and small.

Industry Segments Served

Whether you're looking to expand computing beyond your lab or a business looking for that competitive advantage, SDSC's HPC experts will guide potential users in selecting the right resource, thereby reducing time to solution while taking your science to the next level.

  • Aerospace
  • Biotechnology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Defense
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Public Utilities

Introductory Programs, Services, and Research Opportunities

SDSC’S Industry Partners Program

SDSC’s Industry Partners Program provides a framework for companies to engage with SDSC researchers and take advantage of its advanced infrastructure for R&D of benefit to both science and commerce.

High-Performance Computing Services

SDSC’s high performance computing & storage services are available to industrial users. Please see the HPC page for more information on systems and services available to industry.

Directed Research

SDSC’s cadre of computational scientists conduct research in a broad range of domains and disciplines. Please explore our website to learn more about current research conducted at SDSC.

Focused Initiatives in Current Topics of Interest to Industry 

Advanced Technology Lab

The mission of SDSC's Advanced Technology Lab is to identify and evaluate new hardware and software technologies for future computing and storage systems that will be needed to conduct scientific research at scale. The lab develops research, development and evaluation programs looking at needs over a 3-5 year time horizon. The ATL is funded by industrial sponsors as well as by contracts and grants from federal and other sponsoring agencies.

Workflows for Data Science Center (WorDS)

The WorDS Center of Excellence builds upon more than a decade of experience in building workflows for computational science, data science and engineering at the intersection of distributed computing, big data analysis, reproducible science, while fostering a collaborative working culture.