Technology Forum: Increasing the Impact of High Resolution Topography Data with OpenTopography

Thursday, June 17, 2021

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PDT

This event will be held remotely.

High-resolution topography is a powerful tool for studying the Earth's surface, vegetation and urban landscapes with broad scientific, engineering and educational-based applications. Over the past decade, there has been dramatic growth in the acquisition of these data for scientific, environmental, engineering and planning purposes. In fact, the U.S. Geological Society is undertaking the 3D Elevation Program (3DEP) to map the entire lower 48 with lidar by 2023 to address the wide interest in the richness of topological datasets with the OpenTopography platform.

The cyberinfrastructure platform enables users to efficiently discover, access and process massive volumes of data. OpenTopography also increases the impact of investments in the collection of data and catalyzes scientific discovery. It informs critical national decisions that depend on elevation data—from the immediate safety of life, property and environment to long-term planning for infrastructure projects. 

Join us to learn more about the motivations, technology and data assets behind the National Science Foundation-funded OpenTopography platform.


Viswanath Nandigam, SDSC

Associate Director for the Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Development Lab, SDSC

Viswanath Nandigam is the Associate Director for the Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Development Lab at the San Diego Supercomputer Center at UCSD. He is the principal investigator/co-investigator on several federally-funded data intensive projects including the NSF funded OpenTopography project. His research interests include scientific data management and distribution, web-based data distribution platforms, data intensive application development, parallel and federated database systems and information integration.