Create/Manage HPC Accounts

Resources available through XSEDE

HPC Systems

Select from the following user documentation links to learn about managing accounts for XSEDE system Expanse. Visit the Allocations section of the XSEDE website for information on requesting national allocations.

Extended Collaborative Support

Advanced support provides collaboration between experts on the SDSC staff and users of XSEDE computational and data resources to identify and pursue opportunities to improve their codes. Users may request this resource along with their computational or data resources request. For details about this program, see the Extended Collaborative Support program page on the XSEDE website.

Resources available through UC and UCSD

SDSC is making major high-performance computing resources available to the UC community. This program, HPC@UC, is being offered in partnership with the UC Vice Chancellors of Research as well as campus CIOs. Awards under this program are intended to help UC researchers expand their overall research program. 

UCSD, UC and industry researchers may also apply for computing time and data storage on the Triton Shared Computing Cluster operated by the UCSD Research IT Services program.

Resources available to Minority Serving Institutions(MSIs)

SDSC provides high-performance computing resources to researchers and educators at Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) outside the XSEDE allocations process. Please see HPC@MSI for more details regarding the program goals, resource availability and eligibility.